The Copyrights Group has valuable expertise in the management and development of franchises and intellectual properties, most notably the character of Paddington which the company owns.


The Copyrights Group represents a select portfolio of properties enabling it to maximise the long-term potential for each property and client, through strategic brand development and focused support.

For instance, The Copyrights Group develops a 360-brand strategy for Paddington based on:

– Building awareness for the character worldwide (on digital, social media and through the BearKind initiative)

– Creating experiences (themed parks, exhibitions, mall activations, physical and virtual stage shows, immersive theatre, themed hotel rooms and a bespoke café)

– Expanding its licensing program (more than 1000 different products available worldwide, sold via retail and through a dedicated e-commerce website)

– Raising funds for charity (more than £2M raised with UNICEF in four countries).

Following the same strategy, The Copyrights Group has taken on Mush-Mush and the Mushables, a new TV series broadcasted in France on Canal+ and distributed worldwide by Warner Media. As the appointed exclusive brand licensing agent, The Copyrights Group is responsible for the brand strategy roll-out and the licensing program development of the IP.

Beyond its expertise on ‘family brands’, The Copyrights Group also represents lifestyle IPs such as The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady and Greenwich Polo Club.