Olympia Production deploys its activities on many fronts: concert and show promoter in music and humour, producer of several festivals in France, creator of innovative events and new festival formats. It also offers its booking expertise to third-parties.


Set up in 2016, Olympia Production is a show and concert promoter. It supports emerging and accomplished musicians covering a wide variety of styles and genres, as well as comedians in the field of humour, by producing or coproducing shows.

Olympia Production is committed to play an active role to support local culture by fostering the existence and development of a diversity of festivals in France which it either produces or coproduces: GarorockLes Déferlantes Sud de FranceLive au Campo, Brive Festival, PellicuLive, Les Seigneurs du Château, ODP Talence, and Mawazine in Morocco. Most recently, Olympia Production added to its roster a new urban international festival, InversionFest, in Lyons, and Bacchus Festival in South-East France, which both will premiere in June 2022. In addition, Olympia Production will also produce a new music festival in Bayonne, in the Basque country, together with the local rugby club as of 2023.

Yuma Productions and Strong Live Agency joined Olympia Production in April 2019.

In April 2021, Olympia Production and Salomon Hazot, previously Vice-President of Live Nation France, announced a partnership for the organization of concerts from international artists and to foster new talent. The booking agency and concert promotion structure created on this occasion also aims at developing itself in the field of festivals and promote francophone artists all over the world.


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